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  • Nicole Manks

Why does my Annual Report need to be well planned and designed?

Do you meet new clients with your shirt untucked and unkept hair? I know I certainly don’t. Many organisations still think an Annual Report in Word document form ‘will be fine’.

For many new clients your Annual Report is the first touch point they have with your business. You don’t want them encountering a scruffy, uninspiring Word document. You want them to see your organisation at its best!

Through planning and good design you can achieve this. Planning allows you to set the tone/theme for your Annual Report. This gives the document parameters and a structure and especially if you have multiple people writing content. It also helps your graphic designer create an engaging designed based on your theme. This will ensure your Annual Report is enjoyable to read and highlights your achievements as a company through great visuals.

If you’re not confident editing the submissions from staff and directors I would suggest engaging a copywriter. They will be able to edit all the content so that the ‘voice’ is consistent throughout.

Annual Report for Yarra Plenty Libraries

An Annual Report is much more than a set of financials with some obligatory reports. It’s a chance to celebrate your staff, the culture of your organisation, your successes and your vision. You could say it’s your best marketing tool!

You may even use the elements from the Annual Report in your social media posts, presentations and Tenders. Imagine having pre designed content ready to go!

As you can see good planning and a well designed Annual Report will make your stakeholders proud and be a great resource to engage new opportunities and clients. That’s always good for business!

Need help getting started? Download my FREE Annual Report Planner

If you have an Annual Report you'd like to plan and design, I’d love to learn more! Book a FREE 15 minute intro call and we can brainstorm all things Annual Reports for your organisation.

Happy Reporting! Nicole x


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