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  • Nicole Manks

So what is Brand Personality?

Did you know your brand should have a recognisable personality all of it's own? 😉

Brand personality is a set of human characteristics that you can attribute to a brand - think of how you would describe your brand if they were a person. This personality then shapes your brand messaging, images and communication style.

One of my fave brand personalities out there is Frank Body. Have you seen it? It is upfront, cheeky and playful. This personality is reflected in their imagery and in their tone of voice when communicating with their target audience.

So what is your brand personality?

Think about who you are and who your ideal client is and then choose accordingly!

More than their age or their demographic, do you know their challenges and desires?

To make it easier for you I have put together a cheat sheet of brand personality words - pick your top 5 and email them to me ✨ Remember be intentional and go with your gut when choosing your words.

My top 5 are ...

  • Friendly

  • Efficient

  • Creative

  • Loyal

  • Subtle

Get your Branding Personality cheat sheet here

Need more help defining your brand personality? Let's have a FREE chat and explore your brand and give it the personality it deserves.


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