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  • Nicole Manks

Little extras that wont break the bank.

There is nothing better than opening package that you've ordered or been sent and there are little extras that you weren't expecting.

To some extras seem like such a hassle to organise but they can have a really positive impact on your brand and customer retention. They convey generosity and that you value your customers. The extras don't need to be huge but they can make a big difference to customer experience and engagement.

One company that does this well is Adore Beauty. Every order that is sent out also has a small selection of samples and a Mini TimTam. Not only are their range of products amazing but everyone looks forward to opening up their package to the chocolatey goodness of a TimTam. That reminds me, I must place an order! 🤣

Remember the little extras doesn't have to be a discount code and they don't have to break the bank.

Here are some cost effective ways to bring extra happiness to your customers when opening your product or using your service.

  • Handwritten card to the customer thanking them for their purchase

  • Small samples of other products that the customer may be interested in

  • Mini TimTam (like the wonderful beauty store Adore Beauty sends)

  • Affirmation Card

  • Motivational Stickers

If you run a course or subscription model it might be nice to follow up after a month with a hand written motivational card.

Little Extras from Emily Osmond

I received this lovely card from Emily Osmond this year after starting her marketing course. It didn't cost her much but it made me feel like I belonged and that she cared.

In 2019 I worked with Canna Campbell on a custom designed screen printed card for her book launch. The cards were sent out with advanced copies of her book Mindful Money. The cards had personalised handwritten messages from Canna and invited the readers to track their mindful money number via a hashtag. It was a great way to create conversation around passive income and peoples debt free journey.

Little Extras for Canna Campbell

A book I ordered this year by Tina Tower came with a handy book mark and some motivational stickers and a handwritten note. It was such a small gesture but once I read the book I could see how generous and positive she was.

Little Extras from Tina Tower

So next time you're sending out a package to a customer maybe add in one of these extras, make someones day and create a connection!

Want to brainstorm some little extras you can add to your next package? Click the button below to book in a time that suits and lets show your clients you think the world of them.


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