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  • Nicole Manks

Do you know any copy writers?

It's a question I get asked at least once a week, especially coming into Annual Report season.

I have worked with the same copywriters for more than 10 years and I love what they can do with any business' narrative. Conveying a businesses unique voice and tone can be tricky. It not only needs to encapsulate the culture and values of an organisiation but also connect with the target audience.

Great copy writing can transport you to another place and time. Exposing you to new ideas and view points.

I often suggest to my clients that they engage a copy writer when planning their Annual Report. Not only will the report be written in the same tense it will also be written in a consistent tone.

Your Annual Report is a wonderful marketing tool and should be a document that you use as part of your marketing strategy for the year. Spend the time and money needed to make the words capture what your organisation or business is like, what values you hold and what your aspirations are for the future. Those words might be just the thing that turns of follower into a customer!

Here are the wonderful copywriters I have had a the pleasure of working with over the year. Feel free to reach out an see what they can do for you and your business

Over the Page

Sheryl Allen

0438 298 002

Bedford Avenue Marketing

Jamie Harcourt

0412 953 323

Anna Kosmanovski

Happy Reporting! Nicole x

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